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our shows

educational &


By using ideas directly from the students at our assemblies, we create a show that engages and inspires them like few others can - all while retaining deep educational value and promoting a love for reading and writing!

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Strengthen writing proficiency

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Develop critical thinking

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Spark students' creativity


writing show


The Imagination Machine's most popular assembly will literally bring your students' own stories to life! Nothing inspires your students to write like watching their own words spring onto the stage, fully-fleshed out in a complete production with professional actors, music, and costumes! The selected authors also receive a Certificate of Writing Achievement at the end of the show. This is the show that will have your students begging to write stories!

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write away

"Write Away" focuses on moving beyond the basics of writing, and turning a first draft into a masterpiece! With the help of the audience, we create a brand new story unique to your school. Demonstrating the importance of adding details and finding the perfect genre for your story, this assembly proves that a single idea for a story can have many different versions. After you finish your first draft, you can still write away!

great plot!

When one of our actors is visited by a friendly face from the future, they learn that the story they're about to turn in might be missing one of the most important parts of any great story: the plot! But with help from the audience, as well as some fun plot-building exercises, they manage to fix the problem and create the perfect story. All they needed was a Great Plot!

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