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If you're ready to make a request for a booking, click the link below! If you have further questions check out our FAQ at the bottom of this page, or fill out our Contact Form!



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P.O. Box - 1519 E Chapman Ave #96, Fullerton, CA, 92831    •    •    (949) 430-1828

  • wait... what is it exactly you do?
    We perform stories written by students to the students that wrote them in the form of school assemblies! Usually booked through districts and PTAs, we travel to Elementary Schools putting on these one-of-a-kind shows, bringing the imaginations of young authors to life. We also offer various Writing Workshops. More information on our shows can be found in the "About" page of our website.
  • do you perform all of the stories in each assembly?
    Most often, no. We always perform the stories that were written by the authors present at each particular assembly. Depending on time, we may do some additional stories from authors at your school that aren't present in that assembly. For instance, if grades 1-3 are attending the first assembly, we will do all of the selected stories written by authors in grades 1-3. If the next assembly included grades 4-6, we would do all of the selected stories written by authors in grades 4-6 (even if we performed their stories in the first assembly too).
  • how many students can attend each assembly? how many assemblies should i book for my school?
    Many schools book two or three shows - splitting the number of students in attendance at each assembly in half, or in thirds (ex. grades K-3 for the first assembly and grades 4-6 for the second; or grades 1-2, then 3-4, then 5-6). Depending on size of the school, the size of your performance space, and how intimate of a show experience you'd like, three, four, five, or even more shows may be best for you. The Imagination Machine itself doesn't have a limit on how many students may attend an assembly.
  • how much do your assemblies cost?
    All of our pricing information is listed on the "Booking" page of our website, under Pricing Breakdown.
  • do you perform outdoors? what if my school doesn't have a multi-purpose room or theater?
    We currently do not offer an outdoor assembly option. If your school doesn't have a multi-purpose room or theater, we're very versatile in our setup. We've performed in cafeterias, libraries, and classrooms - and for audiences sized from 10 students to over 500.
  • can we request a specific performer for our booking?
    You may make a request to our office, and we will do our best to accommodate; however, we cannot guarantee a performer's availability.
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