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book a show

show pricing

writing show

 $1400- 2 shows (45 minutes each)
+ $450 any additional show. 2 show minimum.

The Imagination Machine's most popular assembly will literally bring your students' own stories to life! Nothing inspires your students to write like watching their own words spring onto the stage, fully-fleshed out in a complete production with professional actors, music, and costumes! The selected authors also receive a Certificate of Writing Achievement at the end of the show. This is the show that will have your students begging to write stories!

writing workshop

 $1380 - 2 shows (45 minutes each)
+ $445 any additional show. 2 show minimum.

"Write Away!" focuses on moving beyond the basics of writing, and turning a first draft into a masterpiece! With the help of the audience, we create a brand new story unique to your school, then add the second step of writing : rewriting! Demonstrating the importance of adding details, finding the perfect story genre, and adding the finishing touches that give the authors their own distinct voice, this assembly proves that a single idea for a story can have many different versions. After you finish your first draft, you can still write away!

travel fee

We have restructured our travel fees to simplify the booking process. All prices are based on the distance to your school district

Tier 1: $75 fee

Tier 2: $225 fee

Tier 3: $375 + Hotel fee

Tier 4: $5/mile + Hotel fee

outdoor performances

We will not be offering an outdoor assembly option for our 2023-2024 Season.

We need an about an hour between the start of each scheduled assembly - Each assembly runs 45 minutes long, and our performers need 10-15 minutes before the next one starts.

(ex: 9:00AM, 10:00AM) If assemblies are scheduled longer than an hour apart, a wait fee of $1 will be applied for each additional minute

(ex: An assembly at 9:00AM and 10:30AM. 30 extra minutes = $30).

wait fee

rescheduling fee

Any bookings rescheduled within 30 days of the scheduled assembly will be charged a $300 rescheduling fee.


We work with over 500 schools a year, and we completely understand the different channels that must be reached before we're paid. If there's ever any delay, we just ask that you keep in clear communication with us. While we don’t accept credit cards, we do take PayPal & Venmo. Let us know if this is an easier way to pay. 

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