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made easy

Our online calendar makes it extremely easy to book The Imagination Machine at your school!

Select a date you'd like us to come to your school. Any dates highlighted in green still have time slots available!

Select a time slot (morning or afternoon) that you want your first show to begin within.

Select the number of shows you'd like us to perform at your school (minimum two). Then, checkout online with a $750 deposit that reserves your date and time.

We offer multiple types of assemblies. From our most popular, The Writing Show, to our more lesson-based Writing Workshops, there's something perfect for the needs of your school!

a show for




show pricing

writing show: $1355 - 2 shows (45 minutes each) + $450 any additional show. 2 show minimum. 

writing workshop: $1335 - 2 shows (45 minutes each) + $445 any additional show. 2 show minimum. 

wait fee


We ask for a $750 deposit that covers everything that happens before the day of assembly - booking your show, contracts, invoices, rehearsals, etc. The Final balance for your assembly is due on the day of your performance. Deposits are nonrefundable.

travel fee

A fee of $4/mile (one way) is applied to all assemblies. The distance is calculated from our office in Placentia. You may not have paid this fee in the past - but due to raising gas prices, we need to make sure our actors are being paid for their travel and not losing money in the process. For schools over 75 miles from our office, a $150 hotel fee is incurred.


We need an hour between the start of each scheduled assembly - they run 45 minutes long, and our performers need 15 minutes before the next one starts (ex: 9:00am, 10:00am). If assemblies are scheduled longer than an hour apart, a wait fee of $1 will be applied for each minute (ex: An assembly at 9:00am and 10:30am will incur a $30 wait fee for the half hour delay.


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